Nick’s Story

January 28, 2013 / Video Testimonials

Nick grew up on a farm in Iowa, always being outside with his brothers–hunting, fishing and playing sports.  After college, he took someone up on an offer to hunt in Utah and loved it so much that he stayed on as a guide, hunting bear and elk.

During one particular hunt, Nicks’ client loaded his gun and accidentally shot Nick in the ankle.  Nick knew immediately that their location and the terrain was going to make it extremely difficult for them to be found and rescued. Nick made a tourniquet out of his belt while they waited for help.

Four hours after the accident, Nick was air-lifted to the hospital.  After almost a week of surgeries, the decision was made to amputate Nick’s leg.  Nick kept his spirits up, but the day that he saw his reflection in the mirror, without his leg, he realized this was his “new normal”, and he broke down.

When his family heard his story, one of them told him about The Segal Law Firm.  Nick stated,  “Within 15 minutes, I knew these were my guys,” and remembers the Firm being there to take care of every tiny detail.  He never doubted that he had the best attorneys.  Even though he understood he faced an uphill battle, Nick knew that from that point on things were going to be okay.

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