Kathleen’s Story

January 26, 2012 / Video Testimonials

Kathleen and John were high school sweethearts.  Upon graduating, John joined the Navy, and they were married while he was still in the service. John worked in steel mills after he returned from the service, and went on to work at a chemical company.

After a series of health issues such as headaches, a rash, and swollen gums, he had his blood drawn and was diagnosed a day later with leukemia.

A coworker of John’s came to visit while John was in the hospital, and told John that he had probably been exposed to benzene at the chemical plant.  He was right.  Furthermore, the chemical company knew that they were harming workers.

John never gave up during his treatment, but he lost his battle with leukemia. He didn’t live long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle, or to see his grandchildren, or to grow old with his high school sweetheart.

Kathleen and John hired The Segal Law Firm.  Kathleen could tell instantly, over the phone, that The Segal Law Firm was going to take care of her.  The attorneys at The Segal Law Firm stayed with Kathleen every step of the way, making sure that she and her family were okay.  Kathleen knew that The Segal Law Firm was going to help her and her family get to a place where they could let go, and feel that justice had been served, and begin to live again.

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