Baby Jennifer’s Story

January 25, 2012 / Video Testimonials

Jennifer was born almost 5 weeks early, and her parents, Kristi and Earl, knew that she was having health problems when she was born.  Just after her birth, the doctors wanted to perform surgery to help enable Jennifer to eat.

After the surgery was over, Kristi and Earl weren’t sure what happened, but trusted their doctors to do the right thing for their premature baby girl.

It turned out that Kristi and Earl’s instincts were correct.  The doctor had ruined baby Jennifer’s lung. The doctors told Kristi and Earl that a second surgery would be needed.

At this point, nurses came to Kristi and Earl to tell them to take baby Jennifer elsewhere for treatment.  Kristi and Earl were terrified as they started on their journey to save their daughter,  and they were angry at the doctors that tried to cover up their mistakes.

For the next 11 months, Kristi and Earl took Jennifer all over the country for expert medical care, and when Jennifer was stable, they contacted The Segal Law Firm to help them fight the medical negligence their daughter experienced.  The Segal Law Firm helped them tell their story and find peace, knowing that Jennifer would be taken care of then, and in the future.

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