Nancy’s Story

January 27, 2013 / Video Testimonials

Nancy’s husband lost his battle with mesothelioma less than one year after being diagnosed.  Don worked for a reclamation company during college, removing pipe that was covered in asbestos.  He knew when he was diagnosed, that his summer job back then, was taking his life now.

Their son and daughter moved home to help Nancy take care of him.  Though Don was in good spirits and fighting, they knew that he was losing the battle with the disease.  Nancy and Don also knew that they were going to have huge medical bills.

After Don passed away, friends and family came around less often, and Nancy was left with all of the issues of paperwork, and taking care of her home, and dealing with the loss of her husband.

Before Don passed away, a friend had referred Nancy to The Segal Law Firm.  In Nancy’s own words, “It wasn’t as much about the money, as it was making these big companies realize that what they were doing was wrong.”  Nancy and Don’s case was settled before it had to go to trial, and Nancy was comforted by the fact that The Segal Law Firm helped her navigate through the legal system.

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